Dental implants

Simply put, implants are artificial substitutes for the roots of teeth, to which crowns and bridges are then fastened, or can also be used to anchor larger, removable dentures.

The history of implant use dates back all the way to ancient Egypt, where healers would try to substitute lost teeth with pegs made of ivory, gold and other materials. Their modern development has been taking place from roughly the middle of the 20th Century, and thus today their shape and materials used have been mostly standardized – most of the time they are cylindrical with threads, made of almost pure titanium with a special roughened surface. The result of this type of surface finish is a manifold increase in surface area, resulting in maximum contact and integration with the bone. It is precisely the quality of this surface that is one of the primary differences between individual systems.

Another important feature of implant systems is the universality of its "above-ground" portion, to which crowns, bridges, dentures etc. are anchored. This is because it has to be able to deal with various implant angles, gum levels, and crown widths, with demanding aesthetic standards for front teeth, high mechanical stress levels on rear teeth, and so on.

There are many implant systems on our market, including several Czech ones. Many of them are a little less expensive than world-renowned systems, but usually entail a greater risk of imperfect fixation or do not allow for aesthetically ideal solutions. Their price may be attractive to some patients as well as doctors, but we consider long-term guarantees to be of prime importance. Quality implants are a lifetime investment, and a area where skimping may definitely not pay off.

This is why we use only two time-tested and renowned systems: ITI Straumann (Switzerland) and ReplaceSelect from NobelBiocare (Sweden). In both cases, their quality guarantees a high rate of successful osseointegration (integration with the bone), and have a low risk of complications.

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Dental implants

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